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WHO We Are:  HEAT Archery is comprised of 4th grade - 12th grade Home Schooled students.


WHO We Play:  We compete against local and regional private and public schools and teams.

WHEN: Our season runs from October to March with tournaments running Jan-March on the weekends (mostly Saturdays).

WHERE: Our home gym is Twin Cities Bible Church in Nitro, WV

PRACTICES: We practice 1x per week on Thursday evenings from 6-8:30

COST: The registration fee is $120/athlete for the season. 

            Payment will be due September 29th @ Registration and Orientation.

            Families with multiple children participating receive the following discount.

            $120 for the first child---$90 for the second child---$60 for the third child and $30 for the fourth+.

            Each participant will need to have their own Mathews Genesis Bow by October 13th.  (We will discuss              this in detail at the  September 29th Meeting.)

HOW You Can Be a Part: Please fill out web form located on the Ignite Athletics Registration Page.

For general questions, please contact the Archery Athletic Director or the Archery Coach: 

Whitney P. Stricklin                                               Heidi Rice

Athletic Director—HEAT Archery                        Head Coach—HEAT Archery                                             

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