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WHO We Are:  HEAT Archery is comprised of 4th grade - 12th grade Home Schooled students.


WHO We Play:  We compete against local and regional private and public schools and teams.

WHEN: Our season runs from October to March with tournaments running Jan-March on the weekends (mostly Saturdays).

WHERE: Our home gym is Twin Cities Bible Church in Nitro, WV

PRACTICES: Each team practices 1x per week:

                              Elementary – Tuesday evening at 6:00 

                         Middle School – Tuesday evening at 7:00 

                         High School – Thursday evening at 6:00 

COST: The Registration fee is $125/athlete for the season.

             Families with multiple participants will receive the following discount;

             $125 for the first child - $100 for each additional.


             Payment will be due September 26th at the mandatory Parent and Athlete Orientation Meeting.  

            Each participant will need to have their own Mathews Genesis Bow by October 10th.

            Try outs will be held on September 12, 14 and 19 (if necessary) If more than 24 participants register for               each team. 

HOW You Can Be a Part: Please fill out web form located on the Ignite Athletics Registration Page.

For general questions please contact the Archery Athletic Director or email 

                    Whitney P. Stricklin                                               

                    Athletic Director—HEAT Archery                                                                     


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