Ignite Soccer has two competitive teams:

   Middle School (grades 5-8) and High School (grades 9-12)

Both Programs are Co-Ed this year


WHO WE PLAY We compete against local Christian and private schools in

West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

WHEN: Our season runs from August through October


WHERE: Our home fields are Valley Park, Shawnee Sports Complex, and Barboursville Park. 

PRACTICES and Games: Practices will be held 3 times per week during training season.  Once games start there will be 1-2 practices, 1-2 games per week. Usually no more than 3 nights total.

HOW CAN YOU BE A PART: Try-outs are held in mid summer each year

HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT THE TEAM: Come to our home games and cheer on the players!!!  We are also looking for local businesses to help sponsor and partner with our teams.

For general questions, please contact the Soccer Coach: 

Mike Hager

304-617-2954 or

Please note: Athletes must be at least 51% homeschooled to play for Ignite. Virtual homeschooling through a county school system does not qualify as homeschooling because students are eligible to play sports for the county in which they are virtual.