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                                          Ignite Soccer has two competitive teams:

                    Middle School (grades 5-8)

                         and High School (grades 9-12)

                                Both Programs are Co-Ed this year


WHO WE PLAY We compete against local Christian and private schools in

West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

WHEN: Our season runs from August through October


WHERE: Our home fields are Shawnee Sports Complex, and Barboursville Park. 

PRACTICES and Games: Practices will be held 3 times per week during training season.  Once games start there will be 1-2 practices, 1-2 games per week. Usually no more than 3 nights total.

HOW CAN YOU BE A PART: Try-outs are held in mid summer each year

HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT THE TEAM: Come to our home games and cheer on the players!!!  We are also looking for local businesses to help sponsor and partner with our teams.

Please note: Athletes must be at least 51% homeschooled to play for Ignite. Virtual homeschooling through a county school system does not qualify as homeschooling because students are eligible to play sports for the county in which they are virtual.

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